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Dr. Kevin Morton Jr.

*Here’s a feel good story for you.

Kevin Morton Jr. was 22-years-old when something happened that changed his life. In fact, what happened almost took his life.

Nine years ago Morton was a student at Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan. He worked nights at an Arby’s was shot and nearly killed. Now, he is graduating from med school, ready to start a residency alongside the doctor who saved his life.

Morton, 31, found his calling to become a surgeon thanks to Dr. Dharti Sheth-Zelmanski, who was in the trauma unit at Detroit’s St. John Hospital in 2007.

The veteran doctor was there for Morton again when the 31-year-old graduated last week from Michigan State University’s College of Osteopathic Medicine, reports NBC News.

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The path he is now on, the newly minted doctor said, is a mission to help others — just like he was.

“The compassion and drive that Dr. Sheth has shown in trying to save my life … I just wanna pay that forward,” Morton told NBC News.

But let’s go back to that night when he got shot. He had just closed up the restaurant when a man stepped out of the shadows as Morton was getting into his car.

The would-be robber fired at him, and a bullet pierced Morton’s abdomen. He had a 10 percent chance of surviving through the night, doctors said.

“Whether we call it intuition, experience or a miracle … we put some extra sutures in and the bleeding stopped,” Dr. Dharti Sheth-Zelmanski recalled.

Those extra sutures saved Morton’s life, and he went on to graduate school and attend medical school.

Now, he’s getting ready to start residency at that same hospital.