maxwell & wendy (screenshot)

*After being off the scene for 7 years or so, Maxwell stopped by to get interrogated by Wendy Williams on Friday and also promote his new album and his appearance at the Essence Festival.

And of course Wendy just had to get the deets on a few things such as …

Why he cut off his signature afro: “

“I wanted to not be a haircut. I wanted to be music. I wanted to not be a gimmick, a caricature of myself and more importantly [people] who were more than how they looked were very much more interested in civil rights and representing an African American man in a way that was much more broader…I just wanted to evolve”

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What’s he been doing for the past seven years:

First off, Maxwell’s response was that he’s not interested in the typical celebrity life and continued with: “I’m just not into it, I see the pitfalls of all those sort of worlds, I don’t disrespect anyone’s hustle, you get there how you get there. The music, for me, is more important.”

But Wendy wanted specifics. So the 42-year-old singer responded with: “we were touring, we’re doing the Essence festival…but we did it a year ago. You know the thing for me that I was so excited about and blessed about was I like the feeling that I don’t have to have a record out to be able to go out and record and to do a show for people.”

And of course she had to know about his love life. Check out the video below for how she coyly asks are you in love with WOMAN?” Here’s his coy answer:

“I’m in love. I can say that I feel really a deep love…right now we move around so much…you know, a woman wants to feel number 1 and you always have to really, really make them know, ‘look, this is just what I do. I love you very much, please understand.”

Maxwell has a new album titled “Lake by the Ocean.” As we alluded to at the top, he will be a headliner at this year’s Essence Festival in New Orleans over the July 4th weekend.