man reading book at beyonce concert

*How can this possibly be?

The world’s biggest superstar is on stage workin’ it and the audience into her every word and move … except this bald guy in shorts and an bright orange t-shirt. He’s not impressed it would appear.

We know this because Tuesday night, Twitter user Michelle Gardner was at Beyoncé‘s stop in Raleigh, N.C. when she spotted the man with his head into his book and paying Mrs. Carter absolutely no mind. We can only wonder if this is considered offensive by the Bey hive?

In any event, we assume dude is a father or husband that had the task of escorting someone else to the show. Watching and hearing “Drunk in Love” live in the background while all around him are into it while this dude is straight up zoned in on his novel, makes this one of the funnest video on the Internet right now.

To paraphrase E! News, before you dare go on a rant about how this guy is being rude to Bey or how he doesn’t know how lucky he is to be in her presence…

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Flash forward 30 or so years and put yourself in his shoes. Maybe your kids will beg you to take them to a concert by whatever musical act will be cool in the future. Maybe it’ll be some kind of reunion show for some artist you could give 2 sh*ts about. Either way, you will definitely want to make sure your kids have a good time, but you’ll be too old to be there for all the screaming people and pounding music. You know what you will be there for? Getting lost in a book or maybe your phone or tablet or whatever. You have a seat, a couple hours to kill…what else would you do? So don’t hate. The man is just living his truth.

And while we have your attention, there’s another video that’s a pure hoot, too. Check out the vid below. It’s white guys trying to learn how to step from the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity. It’s one huge FAIL. But, it’s BIG fun to watch:


h/t: e! news