prince & george lopez

photo via TMZ

*Here’s one more story to add to the on-going Prince saga.

It seem Prince’s family, according to TMZ, has a guardian angel by the name of George Lopez.

The comedian is fronting money to the family in their time of need.

Turns out … George was tight with Prince, and he learned all of the assets in the estate have been frozen until a judge determines how much the administrator can give family members for living expenses. Prince was generous with his family, giving them money and even homes during his life.

Some of the singer’s siblings are now cash strapped because they’ve been temporarily cut off, and we’ve learned George has advanced them $20k to cover living and travel expenses and that figure could go up.

We’re told George did it all anonymously … not wanting any fanfare or adulation.

Wow, this whole Prince saga is getting more interesting by the day. To say his death opens up a multitude of questions is an understatement.

Below, Prince performs “The Beautiful Ones” on the “George Lopez Tonight” show.