Queen Latifah in "Star" (FOX)

Queen Latifah in “Star” (FOX)

*We caught up with Queen Latifah at Fox’s Upfront presentation in New York this week to get first hand scoop on “Star,” the new Lee Daniels series coming to Fox this fall.

As previously reported, the actress stars as Carlotta, the godmother of two siblings who join a third girl in an attempt to become superstars.

“It’s the story of three girls who have ambitions to start a girl group and two of them have the same mom, who is now deceased, and I was really, really close with their mom,” said Latifah. “They’ve been in the foster care system and I’ve been looking for them for years, and they sort of show up on my doorstep, but it’s a good thing because I’ve been wanting to really step in and be their mom since their mom passed away, but Carlotta is going through her own ups and downs, so there’s some redemption in it as well.”

In addition to Jude Demorest, Ryan Destiny and Brittany O’Grady as the three girls, Benjamin Bratt stars as the shady industry vet attempting to sign the group, and Lenny Kravitz stars as the rich father of the third girl, whose money appears to become an issue within the group.

“There’s some great elements to what this show is that I think is going to keep people interested and watching every week and also give me something to do that’s exciting and challenging, which is what I need every time I take on a role,” Latifah said. “So I’m just happy we’re finally here at this moment, and watching the casting of it, I think these girls are perfect.”

Watch the first trailer for “Star” below:

Below, Queen Latifah says she has always wanted to work with Lee Daniels, and explains how she was cast as Carlotta.