*We know what you’re thinking based on that headline.

No, sister Serena hasn’t fallen on hard times and had to resort to eating dog food. It’s just that curiosity got the best of her and she “went for it,” and now she’s regretting it.

So dear readers, the lesson here is before you’re tempted like Serena, LEARN from her bad decision, and DON’T yield to temptation and eat your pet’s food … no matter how good it looks.

In the video below, we find that Miss Williams is in Rome, ahead of a tennis tournament, hanging out in her hotel suite with her cute little Yorkie, Chip, and made the decision to take a bite of doggie’s great looking gourmet meal of salmon & rice. What she found out is that it may have looked good, but the consequences were not at all pleasant.

“The best thing about Snap(chat) is I don’t have to hear anybody hating or trolling, ‘cause I think this is something you definitely wanna hate or troll on,” Williams began to say on Snapchat before sharing her somewhat embarrassing tale. “So they have this menu for my dog, because Chip left his food, can you imagine?”

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Serena continued to explain that the night before she ordered her pup some beef with chicken and vegetables, and it looked delicious!

“And I promise you, I was like, ‘That looks so good.’ It was fresh greens and boiled chicken and beef and it was seared tenderly. It was just perfection. That looks like the best food. Better than my food.”

She went on, “So today, I was like, I might wanna taste his food, so I order him the salmon and rice because I eat salmon and rice. Before you judge me, look at it. It’s kinda all mixed together. C’mon, it looks good…I put some in his bowl. I’m like, what the heck, I’m gonna try a piece. So I ate a spoonful. Don’t judge me, I ate a spoonful!”

This is where it gets interesting, we suspect. So, Serena, what happened?

“Let’s fast forward two hours. I just ran to the toilet like…I thought I was gonna pass out. It did taste weird. I force-swallowed it.”

“I don’t think it’s consumable for humans. They should’ve wrote that! So now I feel really sick. It was just a spoonful. I really don’t feel so good…I guess tomorrow when I step on the court I’m gonna look svelte.”

So now that you know Serena gave in and ate the dog food with unsatisfying results, you don’t ever have to wonder if you should give it a try just because it looks so good.