jody watley original

*Jody Watley, now of the Shalamar revival, Shalamar Reloaded, put on her biggest pair of hoops earrings, grabbed her guys, Rosero and Nate and clapped back at her haters with new single release, “”

Since she left Shalamar back in the day and forged her successful solo career, Jody Watley has been on the receiving end of plenty of harsh criticism. It hasn’t at all stopped her hustle though, with the “Still A Thrill” diva continuing to record and perform around the world to packed audiences, even doubling back and legally claiming the rights to the Shalamar name to “reload” it.  But now she’s fed up with all the chatter and never being one to shrink back from vocalizing her true feelings, Ms. Watley is facing her critics – aka “trolls” – head on with the group’s latest fiery release.

With lines like, “People are always talking shit, always got something to say … whatever!” and “… You don’t know about my hoops, I invented that! Before there was a snap chat … I am an original!” she’s sure to ruffle plenty of feathers.

But as the old saying goes, “a hit dog will holler!”

Big hair, don’t care … the hustle will not be knocked OR mocked.

Check out her ode to haters,

Shalamar Reloaded is: Jody Watley, Rosero McCoy and Nate Allen Smith

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