Tracee Ellis Ross

*Comedienne and actor Tracee Ellis Ross wants to set something straight on the subject of Beauty. In the video below, she references an old interview she did with The Breakfast Club that she says is now circulating.

In the interview, towards the very end, Ellis Ross breaks down what society has done to make women feel they must alter themselves (their hair, or their body) in order to be considered beautiful, and be loved.

“I’m an advocate for women having the freedom to choose,” she says in the video below. “I don’t like the idea that women might be shamed into making choices, or feel shame for the choices that they make. I’m making a comment on our culture. A culture of beauty that narrowly defines beauty and this idea that women are only objects and worthy of love if they match up to this ever-changing always unattainable, like, arbitrary standard of beauty.”

Below, she expands further upon her original comments on The Breakfast Club.