tyga & kylie

*TMZ caught up with Tyga at LAX on Friday and of course the subject at hand was the breakup between him and Kylie Jenner.

The news outlet characterized the rapper as being “shockingly candid” about the situation with his words and facial expressions

Tyga also spoke on his ex, Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian’s relationship. Oh yeah, and speaking of Rob K, he drew a hard line as far as Rob becoming a stepdad to King Cairo.

Here’s what we reported earlier about his breakup of Tyga and Kylie:

*Kylie Jenner’s camp is still claiming that her breakup with Tyga is permanent this time, because it finally dawned on the reality star that she’s too young to be on lockdown.

Per TMZ:

Sources connected with the former couple tell us KJ recently realized she wants to live the single life and soak up the spoils of being an 18-year-old multi-millionaire. That frequently means flying all over the world for appearances, and we’re told that didn’t sit well with Tyga … who’s focusing on his music.

As one source put it … she wants to jet set, he wants to chill in a studio — and they both knew it wouldn’t work.

Also, we’re told since their mini break last fall … there’s been constant drama over “dumb stuff” — what to eat, what they say on social media, blah, blah.

As for the model at Mother’s Day brunch with Tyga? We’re told he admits having a couple models “hanging around,” but no serious girlfriends — and Kylie’s confident there was no cheating before they split.

We broke the story, the couple called it quits earlier this month, and Tyga says he walked away with good feelings. He didn’t want to talk about all the rumors about him allegedly stepping out … but he did acknowledge there were issues.

And he even opened up about his baby mama Blac Chyna and Rob, but when it came to Rob becoming a stepdad to King Cairo, he drew a hard line.