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*We hear some Beyonce‘s fans got caught in a transportation pickle after her L.A. concert because the Uber app crashed,  Lyft  swooped in to save the day

According to TMZ: “The Beyhive was scrambling for rides after the Rose Bowl gig, and throwing shade at Uber on social media with postings like — “the Beyonce concert was amazing until I had to wait 2 1/2 hours for an uber. NEVER uber to the rosebowl.”

TMZ reached out, but so far Uber isn’t saying anything about the service lapse.  Meanwhile, its main rival, Lyft, saw a big uptick in biz though that night, telling TMZ … “We’re committed to easing congestion for big events.”

Tyga, via Instagram, who used a Lyft to get to and from the concert gave Lyft a shout-out in between a Prince sing-along.