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*With New York Fashion Week underway, hundreds of models are showing off major companies new styles. Two years ago, model Kiara Pace moved from Florida to the Big Apple to further pursue her modeling goals.

In an interview with Chris Yandek of, the model shares a candid view on what it is like to move to the Fashion Capital of America.

On her modeling progress since moving to New York City from Florida, Kiara Pace says this:

“Here, when I’m doing something, it’s monumental. It’s a milestone in my career. So I appreciate that even though it’s slow progress, it’s major progress at the same time. So I might not do something for a month, but when I do get this booking, I’m gonna meet with Alexander Wang or I’m gonna do this magazine spread for this magazine in Canada or I’m gonna do something big. So I really like my progress.”

Many models across the country who want to move to New York City might have fears of relocating. On her advice to those who want to come to the big city and go after their modeling dreams, she says this:

“I ended up making enough money and selling my car to save and I literally moved up here without an apartment. Moved up here, stayed in a hotel for a week, found an apartment and moved in. So I mean, I chose the rough way, but any way you can, like, any type of way to get into New York because once you’re here, anything’s possible.”

You can listen to the entire conversation on CYInterview, HERE.

chris yandek & kiara pace