*They call themselves the Young Conservatives of Texas club and they are in the news because earlier this week they headed over to the West Mall area of the University of Texas-Austin — where free speech is encouraged — and held what they called an “Affirmative Action Bake Sale.”

That all sounds well and good, until you see the Black kid standing next to the white kid is paying a different price. And the Asian girl standing behind the Hispanic dude is too.

Say what, you ask?

According to the Dallas Morning News, cookie prices ranged from “free for American Indians of both genders, 50 cents for African Americans, $1 for white males, and $1.50 for Asian males.”

The UT-Austin students say they were protesting “institutionalized racism” of university level affirmative action.

Now, I’m going to quote a line from a Rihanna song here: “Don’t get it twisted.”

I mean, what with the whole “affirmative action” tag you might actually be thinking this group of “conservative” students are probably showing support for students of color; those who affirmative action was actually designed for.

To this notion I say…


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