*A number of items from the late Tupac Shakur are now available to anyone for the right price — including his passport for $57,000; a prison-inmate ID for $35,000; and a gold-crown pendant that he allegedly wore when he was shot, and that was dented by a bullet, for $125,000.

“I will not say who the items came from,” said the seller, Moments in Time’s Gary Zimet, “but it is from a family member that will remain anonymous. I have had these items for about a month now.”

The lot also includes a softcover Bible signed by Shakur, according to Page Six.

“I also have the license plates from Tupac’s Rolls-Royce . . . for $25,000. What is interesting is that I also have the registration, which is under [Death Row Records founder] Suge Knight’s name,” Zimet said. A signed check from the rapper to his mother reveals he gave her $1,500 monthly.

“The family member called me at 11 o’clock in the morning and said, ‘I am a relative of Tupac and I have some incredible stuff from him.’ We met four hours later that day. The family member did not look like [he was] in need of money. He was an average-looking guy and he came by himself.”