Hillary Clinton joins President Obama after his address at the Democratic National Convention. (AFP

Hillary Clinton joins President Obama after his address at the Democratic National Convention

*During a radio interview on Monday (Oct. 17), Donald Trump slipped up and called black people “Obama’s people” before correcting himself and saying, “African Americans.”

The Republican nominee for president told conservative radio host Michael Savage that “Obama’s people…like me better than they like his Democratic opponent [Hillary Clinton]”:

Michael Savage: “Donald, listen. And this is very important. I have seen this and I think you just hinted at it. The whole election hinges on turnout. That is why the media is trying to make people think you’ve already lost the election. It’s not so much to encourage the Hillary voters. It’s to discourage the Trump voters who should throw their hands up and say, ‘Oh, we can’t win.’ That’s the worst thing that can happen. Their internal polls, according to my analysis, shows that they’re in deep trouble and they are desperate to get the voter turn out. But we need to keep the voter turnout up even higher than she does.”

Donald Trump: “Well, I think their polls are showing that our people are gonna turn out and their people, they’re worried about that. Because nobody cares about Hillary Clinton. And Obama’s people aren’t gonna – African Americans are not showing up to vote for Hillary Clinton. They like me better than they like her.”

It gets worse.

Trump went on to used the terms “their people” and “my people” to describe voters:

“I’m gonna do a better job and certainly with the inner cities and all these problems that they’ve been lying about for years, Clinton and the Democrats. And I think we’re gonna do great with the African-Americans. But I’ll tell you this. Just in a nutshell, they are very worried that their people aren’t gonna turn out. That’s what they are – and they know my people are turning out.”

Listen below, beginning at 7:30 mark: