Simone Biles and Jake Miller (Instagram)

Simone Biles and Jake Miller (Instagram)

*Olympic gold medal gymnast Simone Biles made her debut in pop star Jake Miller’s music video, “Overnight.” While the appearance drew praise from her fans, the haters also came out in force, calling the 19-year-old unattractive and a variety of racial slurs.

Comments on YouTube ranged from referring to Biles as a monkey to calling Miller’s kissing of a black woman “disgusting.”

In the midst of the onslaught, Biles reminded people that she is a human being.

“Everyone forgets that I have feelings also,” she wrote on Twitter.

After seeing Simone’s response, fans stepped up with tweets of support, not to mention an eagerness to fight on her behalf:

The video, directed by Edgar Esteves, features Biles in a white sweatshirt and jean shorts gazing into Miller’s eyes and dancing around a warehouse with him as he sings about trying to repair their relationship “overnight.” The shots alternate between the loved-up duo together, and separated by a wall, with 23-year-old Miller in a big bed, and Biles smiling to herself.

“Working with Simone was so easy and so much fun,” Miller said in a statement. “Simone is constantly laughing and smiling, which made the shoot feel very comfortable and laid back. I had such a fun time with her.”

The video was announced last month, and comes off of Miller’s current EP “Overnight,” released in August.

Watch below: