*Anapple-eventother day another Apple event. Hello everyone! Thursday morning, or afternoon depending on what timezone you live in, Apple was hosting an event.

Last month, Apple released the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus along with the Apple Watch Series 2, which have proven to be a massive success.

At the start of the morning, Tim Cook announced some updates to improve on the software that currently resides on our iPhones. Memories- a place where you can recall recent memories from yesteryear. Similar to what Facebook already does. Which is kind of cute, but nothing evolutionary.

Earlier this week, Apple released 10.1 a software update that allows for blurred image backgrounds that is just available on the iPhone 7 Plus (which by the way, I am still waiting on from Apple 🙁

Tim also wanted us to know that the Nike Apple Sport watch will be available today (10-28-16). Hopefully, it won’t sell out as quick as the iPhone 7+ did.

Tim then discussed the Unified TV Experience, Apple created an new apple called, simply, TV. Its more like a Hulu App deemed Apple. A conglomerate of all the TV shows throughout all of the video apps. It’s truly a unified TV experience. But it also works across Apple TV, iPhone and Ipad. So you can start one show on your phone and watch it from your phone.

Another upgrade is that Siri now can grab live TV from it’s database as long as you have the specific TV provider on your phone.

The Update will be available in December. — for the life of me , I wish they would release something the day they announce instead of waiting two months

Next Up the Mac- Mac’s really haven’t been updates in a long long long time. And for good reason, my 2012 is still up and running like no other. Thdifferent-macbook-prosey just work and while there are some compatibility issues with some programs, for the most part, there are no issues.

This week marks the the 25th anniversary of the notebook and today Apple announced the new Macbook Pro! 4 years in the making. Apple made it known that they have always been innovators when it comes to computers especially laptops. They were the first, for example, to put WiFi into a laptop. They were also the first to put USB port on a laptop.

Touch Bar- This year apple introduced a redesigned function key setup that is multi-touch and, if I must say so myself, absolutely beautiful. Apple cause this the touch bar.It’s a retina display panel that is placed right where the function keys used to be on the keyboard. The Touch bar responds to both gestures and touch and it changes depending on what application you are using. User are able to customize certain features that are displayed in the touch bar . Apple used Safari as example when demoing. Bookmarks appeared in the touching, showing how the touch bar changes depending on what applicmacbook-touch-baration the user is using.

By now, we are all familiar with Touch ID, the fingerprint sensor implemented into every iPhone since the debut of the 5s. Now that functionality is built into the new Macbook. This can also be use to authorize payments on your computer to online stores that offer that functionality.

Display – Apple opted to use LG’s 5k display in this year’s version of the Macbook.

The new Macbook comes in both space gray and aluminum and also has 4 USB type C connectors, which the newest standard for both charging and transferring data.

These things aren’t cheap. The newest Macbook Pro’s costs 1499.00 for the 13’ inch and the model with the touchbar is $1799. So the question is do you have $1800 sittin around to buy a new Macbook Pro??? You can purchase the latest model right now on apple.com. But you’ll have to wait 2-3 weeks to get it.

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