*Halloween is big business these days. Several different seasonal retail shops are open through early November, offering a variety of holiday fare. Increasingly, those items target the more terrifying aspects of the holiday.

It’s a far cry from the pre-slasher movie Halloweens of my youth, when the day was only about praying that rain would’t dampen trick or treating, and determining which one of us had mined the most door-to-door candy.

Even theme parks have gotten into the act in recent years, as our Halloween observances have gotten more and more macabre. Chains like Six Flags, Universal Studios and others now offer stand-alone events that are designed to scare the bejesus out of us.

With the shift in the focus of Halloween over the years, I was surprised to learn that Disneyland, the self-described “happiest place on earth,” had gotten into the Halloween act. Could Mickey Mouse and Michael Myers coexist? Just how frightening is a Disneyland Halloween?

In the spirit of investigative journalism (well, because I love a road trip), I ventured down to Anaheim to find out. I’m delighted to tell you that there’s still a place for families with small children to go and have a great, non-terror-induced time.

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