Kyle Johnson

Kyle Johnson

*I saw the film “The Birth of a Nation” last night, and without giving any spoilers, I was struck by the “each one, teach one” action that eventually became a prominent piece of the film.

So when I came across this story about a young man named Kyle Johnson; who has had some bad experiences with cops, and because of this, he now wants to be one, I thought back to last night and the film.

It’s not often that people see how bad things are, and instead of complaining about them, decided to take it on and do it better.

That’s what Kyle wants to do: Be a cop…a good cop.

I don’t know if being a good cop would be my first, second or even third thought if I, not unlike Kyle, had at one time had my head bashed into the grass by some cop with “anger issues.” Those were the words an officer used as he apologized to Kyle Johnson for the actions of his quick-tempered partner.

Here’s what happened during Kyle’s first run-in with police.

The now 25-year-old was 18 at the time and, according to the Washington Post, had exited a nightclub to find his cousin’s Ford Taurus was one of several cars that had been broken into, with windows smashed and everything. When the cops arrived, Kyle tried to hand the officer his ID and registration, but the cop just started cursing at him.

I swear, it sounds just like one of those movies we’ve seen on so many occasions, with the cop saying something like…

“You trying to be smart with me boy?”

And this apparently angered the officer even more. Instead of stooping to the cops level, Kyle said…

“I can see you’re having a bad day. I’ll just wait for another officer.”

Oh boy. That did it!

When Kyle turned around, the officer tackled him to the ground, and forced his head into the grass before placing him in handcuffs.

According to WP, as Kyle sat on the curb, another officer approached. He apologized for the first cop’s behavior and explained that the officer had been having some anger issues. He then promised Kyle that he would make sure everything got worked out.

The officer kept his word, and although Kyle had to go down to the station, he was not charged with anything.

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