*God. I hate to be judgmental, but I wouldn’t even let anyone who looked like this woman care for my baby.

She looks evil, and apparently she is. When the crying baby she was watching woke her up from a nap, she got so angry authorities say she force fed the child until she became unresponsive.

It was all caught on the home surveillance camera. The camera showed the woman, 66-year-old Oluremi Oyindasola of Glenarden, Maryland, was sleeping on the couch when the child walked up to her in one of those baby walkers, according to court documents.

Oyindasola tried to feed the child while she was still in the walker, but her attempts were unsuccessful.

The nanny then pulled the child from the walker, held her around the chest, removed the nipple from the baby’s bottle and “proceeded to pour a large amount of white liquid directly inside the victim’s mouth,” police charging documents state.

For 25 seconds, the child “appeared to squirm and aggressively resist as the defendant continued to force a large amount of liquid inside her mouth,” records state.

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