Jeffrey Wright in a scene from HBO's "Westworld"

Jeffrey Wright in a scene from HBO’s “Westworld”

*”This isn’t so much a show about ‘Westworld,’ as it’s a show about four longtime friends and filmmakers who like to talk about ‘Westworld,’” explains Ron Dawson, the brainchild behind Dare Dreamer FM’s new podcast “Wrestling with Westworld (Cuz We Like to Tussle).”

Dawson co-hosts the weekly exchange about HBO’s new sci-fi sensation along with film producer Yolanda T. Cochran, her husband, filmmaker/screenwriter JD Cochran and Edu Black, a production coordinator in animation. Friends for over two decades, the quartet felt there was an African American void in the sci-fi podcast arena that needed to be filled.

“Our goal is to create a podcast where black people who are fans of the show can hear a group of intelligent, insightful, yet funny people who sound like they do,” says Yolanda.

“I sometimes wonder if the general population doesn’t think of black people as being geeks, nerds, and/or die-hard sci-fi fans,” states Ron, “But we are out there. In droves. I am a huge sci-fi/fantasy fan and Trekker. Popular podcasts like Black Girl Nerds, Fan Bros Show, and For Colored Nerds are a testament to the size of this market.”

The first three episodes of “Wrestling with Westworld,” which all became available three weeks into the season, had Dawson considering renaming the podcast “CP Time.” The language is unapologetically black and opinions are hotly debated.

“We’re not afraid of checking each other, or anybody else for that matter, and stating whatever is on our minds,” adds JD. “Sometimes humor is the best way to deal with and discuss topics as uncomfortable and dark as those explored on ‘Westworld.’”

Although the four dissect “Westworld” episodes from an African American perspective, they maintain that the podcast is for everyone.

“Naturally, you don’t have to be black to enjoy the show,” says Yolanda. “In fact, I have no doubt people of all races will not only appreciate it, but take some added ‘voyeuristic’ pleasure of getting a peek behind the curtain of someone else’s ‘personal space.’ Ultimately, our goal is to provide a funny and entertaining dialog and discussion of a popular show dealing with provocative and controversial topics that apply to us today. Who wouldn’t enjoy that?”

Despite launching on CP Time, the podcast is now all caught up with the HBO show. You can catch all episodes at or subscribe in iTunes (