*”The Real” wraps up “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” Takeover Week with Housewife and former Miss USA, Kenya Moore on Friday, October 28 when Kenya shares an update on her love life with her much younger beau Matt Jordan.

She opens up about the power struggles in their relationship and how she tries to not emasculate him!  And, the “Girl Chat” conversation heats up, when co-host Loni Love defends why she keeps her relationship private.

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Plus, comic genius Damon Wayans shares why he’s happily retired from comedy, especially in this scrutinizing social media climate and how he’s passed the torch on to his son and Key and Peele.

He also gives the ladies and audience a laugh when he provides a politically correct answer to who he’s voting for!  And, Damon and his “Lethal Weaponco-star Clayne Crawford discuss why they think the hit FOX series still holds true to the original hit feature film franchise.

RHOA Kenya Moore Opens Up About Locking Horns with Boyfriend Matt Jordan:

Why Damon Wayans Doesn’t Miss Comedy:

RHOA Kenya Moore Opens Up About Locking Horns with Boyfriend Matt Jordan

Kenya Moore: He’s about sixteen years younger than me.

[The Real audience cheers.]

Adrienne Bailon: Get it girl!

Kenya: So there is quite an age difference, but he’s wonderful. He’s kind, he’s sweet, he’s intelligent. And he loves me.

[The Real audience cheers and claps.]

Adrienne: That’s what it’s all about?

Jeannie Mai: What’s the number one thing you like most about him?

Kenya: Well, I think because he’s so generous.

Jeannie: Okay.

Kenya: Not with necessarily with money, but he is. But his time, his emotions. Like he’s very giving.

Jeannie: You really like him!

Kenya: I do!

[The Real audience claps.]

Adrienne: She just lit up talking about him.

Tamera Mowry-Housley: You can tell it in her face. Oh my goodness. You just light up! Oh my gosh!

Kenya: Well, it’s been about a year and a half. And you know, we’re still figuring things out. Because my experience is one thing and relationships. And, of course he hasn’t had as much as I have. So… sometimes you know, we lock horns. You know, sometimes I feel like I am trying to be patient and I don’t want to emasculate him. It’s just like, you know, this constant power struggle.

Tamera: Is it because he’s younger?

Kenya: I think a lot it is because he’s younger.

Tamera: Ok.

Kenya: Yes, and maybe sometimes we just don’t speak the same language. You know?

Jeannie: Wait, give me an example of like when you talked about something or he talked about something and you’re like, “Oh my God. He’s so young!” Like there’s got to be something.

Kenya: I don’t know any… Umm anything in particular because it happens a lot. But just like fighting for things I post on Instagram. Like little silly things that’m like, “If I were dating someone much older. I wouldn’t be fighting about stuff like this.”

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