*Hey, a man’s gotta eat, right?

Joshua Adkins had some outstanding warrants and when he got wind of the cops following him, he booked. He led the cops, who kept tabs on him via helicopter, through different parts of Phoenix and two suburbs.

But then he must’ve thought, “Eff this, I’m hungry,” and proceeded to the drive-in window of In-N-Out Burger to get food.

The Associated Press says news video shows footage of his truck at the fast food stop, but there no police presence.

See photo below. That’s him ordering his food.

I figure it went a little something like this.

“Yeah. I’ll have a burger. Some fries, and… What?

Would you like the combo, sir?

Yes, the combo. Do you have BBQ sauce or just ketchup.

Just ketchup, sir.

OK, I’ll take ketchup. And can I get a 7-up with that?

We only have Sprite [interrupted]. Sir, is that a helicopter hovering overhead?

What? [As the noise from the plane’s propellers sound off].

Is that a HELICOPTER!?

Can you please hurry?

Here you go sir. And here’s your…Sir?

Tires screeching as she stands there, hand outstretched, holding his soda.

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