*(Via NBC News) – Even before he announced the early release of 98 nonviolent federal prisoners on Thursday, President Obama had granted more commutations than any president in modern history.

The new total, 872 — more than the past 11 presidents combined — reflects his attempt, in his final years in office, to soften the impact of war-on-drugs era policies that resulted in epic prison sentences for nonviolent offenders.

Forty-two of those granted commutation Thursday were serving life sentences.

“These are individuals — many of whom made mistakes at a young age — who have diligently worked to rehabilitate themselves while incarcerated,” White House spokesman Neil Eggleston said in a statement.

But as high as that number is, it is a small fraction of the nearly half-million people estimated to be incarcerated in federal, state and local jails on drug offenses today.

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And it still leaves a long list of people hoping for a similar act of mercy from the president, who will leave office in January.

Federal prisoners applied in droves after Obama announced two years ago a push to free drug offenders who were sentenced to prison before the easing of notoriously harsh mandatory minimum laws in 2010.

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