Most people know Jaden Smith as the offbeat, Twitter philosophizer, the kid who wore a Batman costume to Kim and Kanye’s wedding, or just as the son of the uber-famous Fresh Prince of Bel Air. What many people don’t know about Jaden is his passion for environmental activism.

And as of Monday, October 17, the young celebrity is going all in on Jaden Smith bottled water:

We are all water. #JUSTwater 💦

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Seven years ago, when Jaden was just 11 years old, he took it upon himself to reduce the amount of plastic waste littering our oceans. With the help of his family and businessman Drew Fitzgerald, Jaden created JUST Water, a company that manufactures paper water bottles.

Each paper bottle has 80% less of a carbon footprint than a typical plastic bottle. That, however, is not the extent of the company’s contribution to the community. The JUST Water plant, which is located in Glens Falls, New York, has brought jobs and industry to a town that has been lacking both for decades.

The source of the water packaged into JUST’s paper bottles is a spring deep in the Adirondack Mountains. The Smiths are preserving this area of the mountain by using non-invasive water-pulling structures. They have also established a contract with the city to keep the area underdeveloped for the next century at least. To power the water-pulling machines and to charge the electric trucks they plan to acquire in the future, JUST is beginning a project to construct solar panels not far from the spring.

Jaden’s feelings on this new project? “Solar panels are life.”

With Jaden’s passion for environmental activism, it makes perfect sense that he would want to conduct his work through eco-friendly processes. That’s why it comes as no surprise that JUST Water would be jumping on the solar energy bandwagon — and it’s a bandwagon that’s taking off at lightning speed. The average growth rate of global solar energy capacity is 102% each year.

Jaden Smith is a remarkable kid; there’s no doubt about that. Beyond running his paper water bottle company, he plans to continue to advocate for the environment while fulfilling his interests in other fields, including designing clothes for his brand MSFTSrep and starting all new businesses.

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