Professor R. Jon McGee, Texas State University

Professor R. Jon McGee, Texas State University

*Want to know what some white students really think about Black people? Tell ’em EVERYBODY came from Africa! Black. White. Hispanic. Asian. Mixed.


Then just sit back and watch them scatter! That’s what happened at Texas State University when Dr. R. Jon McGee, a seasoned anthropology professor offered what is known as the “Out of Africa” theory. (Scroll down to see a photo courtesy of Twitter user).

According to The Tab, when the professor asserted that all living beings originated in Africa, the white students got up and walked out…in droves.

But that’s not all.

The white students who stayed behind reportedly started yelling “Black Lives Matter,” according to the news site reports. And others went into some serious dialogue with one another.

According to what Justine Lundy, a 20-year-old student told the press, the professor had told the class that the topic of the day would be race. He told the students they should pay particular attention.

Then he dropped the Out of Africa bomb.

“It was dead silent,” Lundy said, before a student snapped back with a “sarcastic ‘sure.’ ”

One by one, students got up to leave the class.

“A lot of people left,” said Karene Taylor, 19, another student who attended McGee’s class. “It was embarrassing.”

For whom, Miss Taylor. Can you elaborate?

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