*We think it’s safe to say most women, like men, are not looking forward to being bald. On top of that, it’s the last thing you’re expecting when you buy a relaxer product.

But for one woman, Delicia Taylor, that’s exactly what happened after she used L’Oreal’s SoftSheen-Carson Optimum Alma Legend No-Mix, No-Lye Relaxer. She claims it burned her hair and now she’s sporting bald patches on her head.

In a new $5 million class-action lawsuit, Taylor says she relied on the SoftSheen promise that she’d get fuller, silkier hair. But as you can see from the pic above, it didn’t work out that way.

In legal docs obtained by TMZ, she said after using the product, she had to deal with bald spots, burns, blistering and scabs on her scalp.


Now, she is suing on behalf of all the women who claimed that the relaxer did the same thing to their hair.

The suit, filed by attorney Mark Geragos, states that the product is short on oil causing hair loss, breakage, scalp irritation, blisters, burns and a lot of danger.

In addition, the lawsuit allegedly includes a list of consumer complaints on Amazon.

By the way, this is not the first time L’Oreal has been in trouble for this particular product. Several women made similar claims in September and also filed suit.