An EUR Reader (Theresa Rankin) Sees and is Deeply Affected by ‘The Birth of a Nation’


Theresa Rankin and Nate Parker

*My name is Theresa Rankin. I’m an EUR reader and enthusiast. I went to a screening of Nate Parker’s “The Birth of A Nation” last night (11-07-16) and thought I’d share my brief thoughts.

Unfortunately I got the NAACP screening of the film  about 30 mins after it started and the room was full but my faith prevailed and I had an empty seat waiting just for me. Took three steps to my seat and watched this compelling movie.

At first, my thoughts were how similar to “12 Years A Slave” this film is. Then something happened. I began to be moved and inspired by the actors’ ability to tell this compelling story about Nat Turner. I had know Idea what the movie was about because I didn’t read prior reviews or watched the movie’s trailer.

By the end of “Birth,” my emotions and feelings had bubbled to the surface.  This is a great movie … a compelling story about Nat Turner told by the cohesiveness of great script and directing and the input of fine actors and their craftsmanship.

At the Q &A I took some pics and I thanked Nate for making this incredible film.

The real jewel is I did a story on Nat Turner back in Jr. High School for Black History and Heritage Month.