Apollo Nida

Apollo Nida

*Just days after Phaedra Parks announced that her divorce from Apollo Nida was final, her ex is ready to exchange marital vows with another woman.

According to TMZ, Apollo has gotten engaged to a woman who lives near the New Jersey prison where he is serving eight years for bank fraud and identify theft. She reportedly visits him twice a week and will appear in person later this season on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” – along with Apollo, via phone calls.

Nida and the woman began dating two years ago, before he entered prison in September 2014…and before Phaedra filed for divorce in 2015 after nearly five years of marriage.

Last week, Nida told TMZ that he was unaware his divorce had become final. Also, the blog Straight From the A reported, “There is no divorce case on file on the superior court of Fulton county under either Parks or Nida”:

Via Straight From the A’s ATLIEN:

As I understand the law, unless they consented to jurisdiction elsewhere, Fulton county superior court would have jurisdiction on this case. Phaedra is a resident of Fulton county and Apollo is as well. Even though he is incarcerated in another state, for the purposes of jurisdiction in a civil suit his last place of residence would control (jail does not constitute residence for the purposes of jurisdiction).