Corey Hawkins in '24: Legacy'

Corey Hawkins in ’24: Legacy’

*Corey Hawkins stars in 24: Legacy the evolution of “24.”

The new Fox series chronicles an adrenaline-fueled race against the clock to stop a devastating terrorist attack on United States soil. Hawkins and co-star Anna Diop, sat down with EUR correspondent Fahnia Thomas to set the record straight and gush about his co-star.

EUR: “24: Legacy” is a spin-off of “24,” not a reboot…

Corey Hawkins: I’m glad you said that! It’s an expansion of the ’24’ universe. It’s special for me because growing up I never saw a young hero that looked like me, without magical super powers. Who was flawed, who had issues, who might not have been the strongest, biggest, bad-est, super bad, bad mother f**** shut your mouth, but that was okay too!

Anna Diop: I would say it’s more of an extension of this place, because it’s the same story but it’s a new day. It reflects the times we are in. Corey is young, hot and he’s sexy. It’s dope to have him as one of our lead males.

EUR: The stunts and action scenes look like they came out of a movie. What was it like shooting “24:Legacy?”

Corey Hawkins: The exact format is set in real time. It’s cool, but it’s crazy to shoot, because we shoot a few episodes at a time. We’re doing real time, beat by beat, which as an actor you have to be on 24/7. No moment can be dropped. Every day on set is like high oxygen. And it’s fun!


Anna Diop in '24: Legacy'

Anna Diop in ’24: Legacy’

EUR: What about your co-star surprised you the most?

Corey Hawkins: What surprised me was…in this industry a lot of actors, reach a certain level and pause but Ana still takes classes! I’m like, ‘really?’ And she’s like, ‘Yeah! I’m about to go to this class.’ There is something about her curiosity, I love and it’s easy to gravitate toward. She radiates it.

Anna Diop: His personality surprised me because I saw “Straight Outta Compton” and I had this idea of who he was. Like this cool, macho, alpha male…like Dr Dre. In meeting him, he is so sweet, kind, and down to earth. When we did the shower scene he was such a gentleman about seeing me naked.

“24: Legacy” airs after SUPER BOWL LI on February 5th and also stars Dan Bucatinsky, Jimmy Smits, Ashley Thomas and Miranda Otto.

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Fox's '24: Legacy'

Fox’s ’24: Legacy’