*Dave Chappelle and NBA star Steph Curry were victims of David Blaine’s creepiness in the magician’s latest TV special, Tuesday night’s (Nov. 15) “David Blaine: Beyond Magic.”

Blaine asked Chappelle to draw an animal that could easily fit in Drake’s hand, so the comedian sketched out a frog. Blaine then vomited three live frogs into a wine glass, completely destroying the entire room.

Watch below:

Blaine did the same trick last week on “The Tonight Show,” freaking out the Roots in similar fashion:

“Beyond Magic,” which aired on ABC, also featured celebs Margot Robbie, John Travolta, Johnny Depp, Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone, to name just a few.

Blaine went on to munched on glass, sew his lips shut, swallow swords, guess cards from a full stack and throw cell phones off roofs only to find them in a nearby purse.