Iris Gordy, Berry Gordy and Karla Gordy Bristol, Motown

(left to right) Iris Gordy, Motown founder Berry Gordy and Karla Gordy Bristol Photo Credit: Special thanks to: Nancy G. Cohen who snapped photos for Billie when Billie’s camera died…

By Billie Jordan

* Motown alumni — Their very presence spawned a feeling of magic; the power source still flickering in its winter years, at the 9th Annual Fuller B. Gordy Strikefest.”

In their hearts and minds lied the wisdom of decades, and a phenomenal world history in music. They’d seen the changing of eras since the 1960s; experienced the loss of icons — like Michael Jackson — that honed their talents at Hitsville U.S.A., survived the 1988 sale of Motown’s ownership for $61 million — according to sources, and yet just like typical family members and friends — they showed up to raise money for a cause, hang out with each other, and to bowl at Strikefest.

9th Annual Fuller B. Gordy Strikefest

The Motown friends and family event hosted by Friends of Fuller B. Gordy and billed as the “9th Annual Friends of Fuller B. Gordy Strikefest,” benefits charities: the Jennesse Center and Livedriven Foundation, and featured live entertainment, a silent auction and a bowling competition. Live performers included: Saxophonists Alvin Mckinney, singers Morgan Ashley, Aliah Woodson, Charlene Oliver, C.J. Emmons among others. Mother and daughter team Friends of Fuller B. Gordy’s Founder and President, Iris Gordy and Co-Founder and Vice President, Karla Gordy Bristol organized the event. Watch the 12 minute red carpet video below.

No doubt, it was an awe-inspiring evening  at the Corbin Bowling Center in Tarzana, CA. where “Motown Alumni” — family and friends cherishing up to 60 years of friendship — remembered Fuller B. Gordy, vice president of the original Motown record label, and the oldest brother of Berry Gordy.

Read through to see a 12 minute video of red carpet interviews below.

A “Twilight Zone” moment at Strikefest

There was a moment reminiscent of  the 1960s show “Twilight Zone” when EURweb associate seemed to be looking at Berry Gordy on two opposite sides of the room. She later discovered that the look-alike-Berry Gordy was another of his brothers, Robert L. Gordy.

Photo Credit: Billie Jordan

Berry Gordy at the 9th annual Friends of Fuller B. Gordy Strikefest Photo Credit: Billie Jordan

The Strikefest bowling competition and the twilight zone moment weren’t the only excitement; a Strikefest red carpet turn out showed up a few surprises too.

EURweb associate — girl behind the camera Billie Jordan interviewed Ventriloquist Willie Tyler and his “dummy” Lestar watch them below. Plus, Orlando impersonates Richard Pryor on the red carpet. Singers Mary Wilson, Thelma Houston, and Congresswoman Diane Watson among other notables showed for the event.

Young faces, mingled with original Motown executives and friends and expressed gratitude for the sense-of-family among them, and also excitement that Motown founder and hitmaker Berry Gordy Jr., 86, was in the building.

At Strikefest, the feeling of inclusion into a great family; a mature cyclone of entertainment dynamism was omnipresent.

Lester at the 9th Annual Friends of Fuller B. Gordy Strikefest

Lester of the Ventriloquist act Willie Tyler and Lester at the 9th Annual Friends of Fuller B. Gordy Strikefest

Red carpet attendees, such as singer Scherrie Payne, former Motown A&R William “Mickey” Stevenson and more shared with EURweb memories of the late Motown executive during the pinnacle of the record companies history; it was a wistful period — affecting the world with its music, and iconic figures both alive and dead, still today.

Motown competes at Strikefest

Girl behind the camera –Billie Jordan — talked to the Motown friends and family on the redcarpet.

When asked what will you say when you see Berry Gordy? In a voice impersonating his late uncle Richard Pryor, Victor Orlando said:

“Hey Berry I saw you here last year, you can’t bowl a bit.”

Gordy told EURweb that he planned to surprise some people this year, and he did; surprising even himself — wining the trophy for the highest score of the evening. Watch the video below to see Gordy talk about the competition.

“Motown is a bunch of competition nerds. We compete on everything,” Gordy said.

Watch the video through-to-the-end to see an up close interview — at this year’s Strikefest bowling alley — with the legend Berry Gordy; as he remembers his brother and introduces his new artist JadaGrace.

Girl behind the camera: interviews Berry Gordy and Motown alumni at Strikefest

A Girl Behind the Camera production, filmed on location and arranged by Billie Jordan 

A few Fuller B. Gordy “Strikefest” photos

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