*There is a small number of exceptional fashion items in the world that can function at a range of locations, are accepted by everyone and are fitting for a multitude of activities. In terms of what you put on your feet, there can be nothing as convenient, ubiquitous and advantageous as the Converse sneaker.

Taking inspiration from the piece on 100 Years of Converse provided by Couponbox, let’s remind ourselves why Converse sneakers are so good.


Comfort for All
To say Converse are comfortable is something of an understatement. Everyone knows Chuck Taylors have lightweight material that allows more flexibility for your feet than the average pair of sneakers. They don’t look as though they should be comfortable, but they really are. It is a surprise to those who experience the comfort for the first time as they look so exposed and bare on the outside, yet they’re soft on the inside – these are urban slippers that make you feel like your feet have settled in at home.

Converse II” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Bitter Sweet L

For the People, All the People   
Converse shoes are for everyone. You can be walking down the street in your Chucks and if someone else wearing a pair walks past you, chances are you’ll get a small nod of approval and an iota of respect. They’re everywhere and people who wear Chuck Taylors have an unspoken bond. Who says you can’t be the same and different at the same time?

Their style transcends the age limits that are readily identifiable in most sneaker brands such as Nike or Adidas. They were created before most of us were born and passed down through several generations to be accepted by all generations. That’s why you’ll see First Lady Michelle Obama sporting a pair of Converse sneakers along with music stars such as Rihanna and movie celebrities like Keira Knightly and Chris Pine.

Unlimited Customization 
Not all of us have the opportunity to be creative or artistic in the things we do, but with Chucks, your shoes can be your canvas. They have so many colors to choose from, you’re bound to find ones that you like from the classic all-blacks to more standout colors such as Jungle and Beach Glass.

It doesn’t matter how old, dirty or full of holes your Chuck Taylors are, you can fix them right up to look like new designer shoes in no time. This can be done by the professional sneaker customizers or you can indulge your inner artist and attempt a design yourself. There are loads of people all over the web offering tutorials, inspiration and just showing off how good they’ve made their Chucks look.

TO ACTION” (CC BY 2.0) by whatleydude

The Price is Right 
As far as high-end name brands go, Converse is ridiculously affordable. Chuck Taylors have remained moderately priced while other brands have gone supersonic with their prices. Even the limited-edition Chucks have a price tag that doesn’t seem unreasonable to the stingiest of sneaker shoppers.

Also, unlike other brands, Chuck Taylors aren’t under-shipped in order to generate exposure by having fans wait in line for hours just to get their hands on their favorite footwear. It’s extremely rare that you won’t be able to find a pair of black, red, white or blue All-Stars at any time in almost any reasonable location you can think of.

The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star sneaker has remained virtually unchanged since 1949. In that time, it’s gone from the world’s most prevailing basketball sneaker to an urbane indispensable. For all who wear them, they remain beloved both for their history and their simplicity. The list of reasons for why everyone loves their Chucks could go on and on, but surely mentioning their comfort, customizability and affordability is enough to apprehend why Chucks are a legend of the sneaker world.