Man in new RNC ad targeting African Americans

Man in new RNC ad targeting African Americans

*The Republican National Committee (RNC) is going directly for African American voters in a new ad that will run on national cable outlets such as BET and TV One.

The 30-second spot released Wednesday features a number of African-Americans and focuses on jobs and education.

“For too long, Hillary Clinton and Democrats have failed to deliver solutions that will grow our economy, improve our schools and reform our criminal justice system,” RNC Chairman Reince Priebus said in a statement.

“The Republican Party is committed to a better future for all communities, and all of our Republican candidates are going to lead our nation in a new direction and provide meaningful change for the African American community,” he added.

Watch the RNC’s new ad targeting African Americans below:

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign announced its own ad buy on Wednesday highlighting Republican nominee Donald Trump’s “disrespectful” comments toward African-Americans, reports The Hill. The radio ad will air in battleground states including Florida, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Ohio.

The ad buys come as early-voting data indicate turnout among African-Americans in North Carolina and Florida is down from 2012 levels.