*WASHINGTON, D.C. –  Today on News One Now Host and Managing Editor Roland S. Martin spoke with Democratic Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton about the importance of the millennial vote and finding a solution to voter suppression across the country.

In her interview with Martin, Clinton spoke about the importance of the African American millennial vote because of the many issues that will greatly affect them that are represented on the ballot.

“It’s not only the great performers who are out there on the campaign trail with me and on their own doing these events,” said Clinton. “It’s also President Obama and Michelle who are making the case very clearly that everything is on the line. The president said over and over again. If you want to protect his legacy you have to come out and vote, and obviously I’m honored to have his incredibly strong support because of our friendship and because we share the same hopes and views about what we can do in our country. So people who are young have more at stake in this election than anybody else Roland, you know that and I know that and it would be such a tragedy, if the progress we made under President Obama; everything that he inherited from a disastrous economic collapse to the wars he inherited and everything that he has done to try and get us on a steady course in this nation and lift up every person in this country and make it clear that everyone has a place. It would be a tragedy if we were to have that ripped away. I want to keep moving us forward. There’s no doubt in my mind that my opponent and his supporters are hung up on turning the clock back. Who will take the biggest plight? Young people in America. Who of young people take the biggest plight? Young people of color. So come on. Let’s get real. Let’s know that when I got great performers who are out there advocating to vote…with Beyoncé, Jay-Z, and Chance and others and who may make the case to vote it’s not sentimental, it’s not, you know, something nice to do if you have the time, it’s urgent. And we’ve got to convince young people that literally their futures are on the line. They are on the ballot come Tuesday.”

Clinton also spoke about voter suppression across the country in battleground and how her campaign is working diligently to make sure all Americans get the opportunity to exercise their right to vote.

“I am really encouraged. You put your finger on it, Roland. You have been fighting voter suppression from to Florida, to North Carolina, to Ohio, to Arizona, and Pennsylvania. We have really seen what the effort was and how intense the Republican Party’s concerns are with Americans getting out and voting. We are doing everything we can to try to get the message out. Do not be discouraged. Fight for your right to vote. We are going to have teams of people and warriors that will help you… This takes a toll because people show up and they’re told no. We got to stand up and say I have a right to vote and they have to fight for it and we’re going to be on the ready to help everybody and be sure that they have whatever support they need to cast their vote in this election.”

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