*“Bad Santa 2” returns with Academy Award winner Billy Bob Thorton, wingman Tony Cox and, the chubby and cheery Brett Kelly.

This November 23rd, the Christmas thieves are joined by Oscar winner Kathy Bates and Christina Hendricks.

EUR correspondent Fahnia Thomas chatted with the comedic cast about their gut-chuckling scenes.

Octavia Spencer in a scene from 'Bad Santa 2'

Octavia Spencer in a scene from ‘Bad Santa 2’

EUR: What scene or moment on set had you buckled over in laughter?

Brett Kelly: When I was shooting with Octavia Spencer. They decided to let her roll with it, for four to five minutes and it was hard to keep a straight face. The camera was on me and I looked over and saw her laying on the bed, eyeballing me. We had to do that scene a couple of times.

Tony Cox: The scene with the grill and when I was trying to get Gina (Jenny Zigrino). I was laying on my best rap and it wasn’t working for me. I was like, ‘baby, c’mon give me a shot.’ That’s my favorite part.

Christina Hendricks: I was (literally) buckled over in the film, if you know what I mean…When we were shooting that scene, we were in an alley and there was a building above us with people sort of peeking out of the curtains. I was like, ‘Billy, do they have cell phones? Are they filming us?!’ It’s a hardcore scene and there were real people around, so it must have blown their minds.

Billy Bob Thornton & Christina Hendricks in a scene from 'Bad Santa 2'

Billy Bob Thornton & Christina Hendricks in a scene from ‘Bad Santa 2’

EUR: Has anyone ever given you a bad gift?

Kathy Bates: One of the producers gave me a very naughty gift while we were shooting the movie. There’s a store in Montreal that had a lot of phallic things…and he gave me a bottle opener in the shape of a phallus. When I opened it I must’ve been in character because I went, ‘OH! THAT’S PERFECT!’ Now when I see it in my drawer, I’m like, ‘Oh, my God!’

Billy Bob Thornton: My mom had a rich friend, we were not rich, and she brought me and my brother a really expensive silk shirt with sail boats all over it. At the time, it wasn’t the vibe we were looking for but every time this woman came over my mom would make us put those shirts on.

Christina Hendricks: An egg maker…like it made hard boiled eggs.

'Bad Santa 2' poster

‘Bad Santa 2’ poster