*Ah hell. I hate to start such an important day as “Election Tuesday” with such a story. But no matter what time you read it, it’s still going to be ugly.

A St. Louis mother has been served yet another dose of heartbreak following months of being unclear about the death of her son, Omar Rahman, whose body had been found in a private home. Now she has to look at a photo, revealed to her by News 4, that appears to be of her dead son.

But that’s not all.

In the photo of the apparent scene of the incident, her son’s face has been blurred, but a police officer is looks to be posing next to the body; holding the man’s limp arm while looking at the camera and giving a ‘thumbs up.’

And a smile.

The body of Rahman, 28, was located in a Pine Lawn home on August 8, and although the North County Police Cooperative were first responders, Rahman’s mother, Kim Staton, said she has heard very little from the police since the incident happened.

Rahman’s death was later ruled an accidental overdose by the Medical Examiner.

But the photo was leaked to KMOV and has kept investigative reporter Lauren Trager busy seeking answers to the questions raised by it. Questions that refer to appropriate officer conduct and evidence handling.

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