Lil Kim

Lil Kim

“Girrrrl, you trippin’,” is pretty much the reaction a lot of folks are having after learning of Lil Kim‘s declaration regarding her ethnic background.

This bit of info was unearthed from her fan page as the world celebrates the twentieth anniversary of her debut platinum selling album, “Hardcore.”

The little emcee born Kimberly Jones said in a video making its rounds on social media that she feels Latina on the inside:

I’m a spanish girl trapped in a Black girl’s body,” she said in the video. “But I’m all mixed up, girl.”

And after saying that, she broke out in song en Espanol:

In English, what she sings translates to, “Happy come from the mountain of my company, how happy is my friends of the flower of the best” and other inaudible lyrics.

In a previous interview, the raptress explained she wasn’t fond of her looks due to rejection from men and their lust for “European-looking” women.

“All my life men have told me I wasn’t pretty enough—even the men I was dating…It’s always been men putting me down just like my dad,’ she told Newsweek in 2000. “To this day when someone says I’m cute, I can’t see it. I don’t see it no matter what anybody says. I have low self-esteem, and I always have. Guys always cheated on me with women who were European-looking. You know, the long-hair type. Really beautiful women that left me thinking, ‘How I can I compete with that?’ Being a regular black girl wasn’t good enough.”

So you have to wonder if she’s just joking or is she displaying self-hate?