viral singer

*An East Lansing, Michigan cashier has gone viral after video of him singing “Ascension” by Maxwell, in his smooth, soulful vocals, captivated the internet and attracted the social media LIKES of celebrities, such as Maxwell himself.

In the week since Sharee Nakia Robinson posted the one minute and 23 second video of Lucas Holliday’s impromptu performance, captured on her cell phone while he was at work at Dollar General, it has been shared more than 13,000 times on Facebook and viewed nearly 600,000 times, Lansing State Journal Reports.

“If I had a voice like that, I would never shut up,” Robinson said at the end of the recording.

Even Maxwell agrees.

On Monday, 26-year-old Holliday appeared on “Good Morning America” (scroll down to watch) where he accepted a personal invitation to take the stage with the singer at his upcoming show at the Palace of Auburn Hills.

“Straight-up insanity,” Holliday said of his new fame, adding that he used to keep his voice mostly to himself, but over the years, he has embraced it.

“Now I just kind of sing whenever I feel the need,” he said. “It helps me kind of find some optimism in any situation, I guess.”

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viral singer

Holliday puts in over 50 hours a week between two jobs at Dollar General and as an office temp. He says singing helps him get through the day.

“It relieves stress, you know?” he said. “Sometimes I sing close to the end of my shift. Music has always been my constant. It’s my therapy, but it’s also my passion. It’s the only thing I feel completely comfortable with when I’m doing it.”

Naturally, Holliday is shocked by the response Robinson’s video of him has received, but he has a very simple approach for handling all the attention.

“I’m just going to roll with it and really just see where it takes me,” he said. “It’s surprising to see it unfold like it has. I always thought maybe there would be a chance to be seen, to be in the spotlight with my singing, but the last few years I’ve just been trying to pay the rent and help my mom. When it finally happened, I thought, ‘I suppose it’s time now.'”

Lucas Holliday

Holliday currently plays in a seven-member band that’s been together for two years called Tell Yo Mama. They released their first album, “Good Thang,” less than a week ago.

He and band mate Ray Crane have been friends for five years, and Crane describes Holliday as “humble.”

“He’s definitely one of the most talented singers I’ve ever met in my life,” Crane said. “It’s good to see someone who deserves it get some recognition.”

Tell Yo Mama will be in the crowd when Holliday takes the stage on Friday during Maxwell’s concert.

Watch Holliday’s appearance on GMA below: