*In a new video that surfaced on the Internet, a man unleashes holy hell on two brothers he believed touched his sister inappropriately.

After approaching one of the accused men on a porch, yelling “Do something!” the victim is picked up by the irate individual and slammed onto the ground as onlookers can only stand by and watch — or film with their phones.

“You put your hands on my sister? Get up!” the man shouts in the clip, posted on

The victim’s brother tries to help, only to be told that he would be next. The aggressor then proceeds to throw multiple punches to the head and body of the man writhing on the ground, yelling at him repeatedly to “get up” and “fight.”

“They made my sister cry! Get up! …Yall wanna touch my mother fu**kin’ sister between her legs? Get up!”

As promised, he then began to beat down the man’s brother.

Watch below: