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*Mariah Carey settled her divorce with ex-husband Nick Cannon by calling him directly to speed up the proceedings. The move worked, as her divorce with Nick was settled in September, just weeks before her split Australian billionaire James Packer made headlines.

Carey and Cannon separated in August 2014, but their divorce dragged on because of negotiations over custody of their twins. They finally settled their divorce in September when Carey called Cannon and reportedly told him, “I want you to sign the divorce papers. I really want to get married to James Packer.”

One source added, “Nick and Mariah’s divorce was dragging on and on, mainly because of the back and forth between their lawyers. Mariah’s team brought in [famed LA divorce attorney] Laura Wasser, who helped simplify things, but then Mariah called Nick and said, ‘I really want to get married. Will you sign these papers?’ Nick was cool and said, ‘I’m not going to stand in your way. I’ll sign the papers.’ He signed in September, because Mariah and James wanted to get married in early 2017.”

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mariah carey

But Packer and Carey called it quits after her divorce with Cannon was finalized. As Page Six previously reported, sources close to Carey claim that Packer changed into a different person overnight. They blame the influence of his business manager Tommy Davis, a former spokesperson for the Church of Scientology.

According to an email obtained by TMZ, lawyers for Carey and Packer had been negotiating a prenup once Packer demanded the document be rushed after he was told it would not be ready in time for the wedding. “The people who work for me . . . do as I say or f - - k off. I want to get married on March 1,” Packer wrote. But the prenup was never signed, and Carey’s camp believes his people poisoned their relationship.

Now Carey is asking Packer for a multimillion-dollar settlement for “wasting her time,” but there are new allegations that the real reason she is going after his money is a completely different story from what you are reading in the media.

According to curious blind item entry, Carey is going after Packer’s money because she feels slighted after paying Nick Cannon millions to hurry up and sign the divorce papers so she and James could marry.

Packer allegedly told her to just pay out whatever she had to Nick and not worry about it because once they married, she would have access to his fortune. So she paid out this huge settlement to her ex husband because she thought she had this new marriage all sewed up. Then Packer broke up with her and went crazy over it because she would NEVER have given Cannon so much money to walk away quietly if she wasn’t sure she was going to get it back.

Now, her camp is reportedly leaking stories about their relationship to the media until James caves and pays up.