ChiChi Okwara

*Twitter user Kenny Okwara pranked his Nigerian mother by telling her that he would not be voting in this year’s election, and her reaction to the news has gone viral.

He captured her giving him an earful and posted the footage online. In the video, Kenny’s mother ChiChi Okwara can be seen telling her son, “there will be a little problem in this house,” after he asks what will happen if he doesn’t vote for Hillary Clinton. “I will seize your phone, I will seize your car,” she says.

When Kenny tells his mom that he isn’t voting for Trump or Clinton, Okwara yells, “Do not vote for the stupid man who doesn’t even know that there’s Aleppo, there’s a Syria war going on! You’re just going to be as dumb as the man!”

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ChiChi Okwara

Okwara’s sister, Chioma, told ESSENCE, “Kenny does intend to vote. He was just trying to see what my mom would say if he didn’t vote. My mom has always been huge on voting because she came here from Nigeria and understands how important it is. She thinks everyone’s voice is heard through a vote. As she states in the video, ‘there is no ‘no vote’ option.'”

After the video was posted on Twitter, it was immediately retweeted with many expressing admiration for ChiChi.  She says she was not aware that her son was filming the moment, and was surprised that the video has been so well-received.

“It’s crucial that we vote,” she says.

If you haven’t seen the video, check it out below, and remember to get out there and rock the vote on November 8.