*Mo’Nique is back!

The Academy Award winner, graces the big screen, as the laugh out loud, Aunt May, in the upcoming Almost Christmas,” alongside an all star cast. EUR associate Fahnia Thomas talked with the actors about their holiday season family shenanigans.

EUR: In addition, to being uproarious, Aunt May is described as ‘the aunt you can’t wait to see!’ So, describe what you drew from, to bring her to life?

Mo’Nique: Aunt May is a lot of Mo’Nique! But I also have an Aunt Bessie that can cuss you out and never use another word. She sounded like she was singing. We loved to hear her talk and no one was offended. I also took my Aunt Joan…one time she had a glass of liquor and fell down the steps, and when she fell down the steps, she didn’t spill her liquor, not a drop of it came out . My aunts were rich with personality. So, when I heard action…I let those aunts come to life.

JB Smoove & Mo’Nique, in a scene from 'Almost Christmas'

JB Smoove & Mo’Nique, in a scene from ‘Almost Christmas’

EUR: Who is the Aunt May in your family?

Omar Epps: I got a couple of Aunt May’s in my family!

Gabrielle Union: I think, I might be the Aunt May in my family!

'Almost Christmas' stars Gabrielle Union & Omar Epps

‘Almost Christmas’ stars Gabrielle Union & Omar Epps

DC Young Fly: My Auntie Rosa because she is crazy! My little niece keeps walking around the house with a training-bra, but she ain’t got nothing to train! And my Auntie would be the one to tell her, ‘take that training-bra off little girl, you’re only training your shoulders!’

Keri Hilson: My mom would be the Aunt May. She doesn’t drink (wink, wink) that much but she is always cracking jokes and is the life of the party.

'Almost Christmas' stars DC Young Fly & Keri Hilson

‘Almost Christmas’ stars DC Young Fly & Keri Hilson

David Talbert: I wish, I had the Aunt May in my family!

Will Packer: I might have a couple of Aunt May’s! We don’t always invite them…you have to have a lot of liquor for Aunt May. We do Christmas somewhere else because we’ll be out of Hennessy by the time she leaves!

'Almost Christmas' stars David Talbert & Will Packer

‘Almost Christmas’ stars David Talbert & Will Packer

EUR: This is the first time you and David Talbert have worked together, do you have any future projects in the pipeline?

Will Packer: If audiences come out and enjoy this movie, as much, as we hope they do…I’d love to do a sequel. I’d love to see what happens to the Meyers family.

“Almost Christmas” opens in theaters November 11. for more details click here.