*The Google and YouTube Space LA in Venice, CA held over 150+ guests this past Friday in support of the new web series “GodComplX.

Family, Friends, and media gathered to watch the premiere of “GodComplX” which has the goal of changing the common stereotypes’ of a “tech genius.”

Google Project Manager Daraiha Greene served as the host for the screening which consisted of the first three episodes of the web series and a Q&A segment. This web series has a talented group of actors and actresses such as YouTube stars Maya Washington, Nick Moss, Joshua Michael Moore, Shayna Spielman, and more.

This diverse cast allows director Morenike Joela to touch upon issues that affect different topics within the LGBT community, tech world, and life as a millennial.


The title “GodComplX” serves as the name for the house in which the 20-something millennial’s move into and live together as they work on various projects. It doesn’t take too long in the series to figure out that several tech geniuses under the same roof is a recipe for trouble.

This web series is available now at YouTube.

Check out episodes 1, 2 and 3: