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*After the New York Times Styles Twitter account posted a story about Michelle Obama’s evolution as a political leader being attributed to her ditching the angry black woman stereotype, the offensive tweet was subsequently deleted after many expressed their fury over the strong wording.

The original post read, “How @FLOTUS shed an angry black woman caricature and evolved into a political powerhouse.”

Read the now deleted tweet below:

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After being called out, the NYT Styles account later changed the verbiage for the below:

Soon after the post with the “angry black woman caricature” went up, angry responses to the Styles tweet were swift. One Twitter user said, “@nytstyles Please delete. Phone a culturally competent friend. Try again…so insulting!!”

Another user wrote, “It wasn’t Michelle Obama who evolved. It was our racist and misogynist society which had to evolve to appreciate her for who she is”

The story itself went online on Saturday with the headline: “The Closer: Michelle Obama” and sub-headline: “Dismissed early on by critics, the first lady has evolved into a powerful presence on the campaign trail.”

Jet magazine notes how, “In spite of the bigotry, being compared to animals, and blatant disrespect, Mrs. Obama created initiatives with the intent to help children lead healthy, active lives. And yes, YOU, the one who called her names and tried to overlook her existence, your child(ren) are included in her mission.”