Reggie Bush and Monique (TMZ/Instagram)

Reggie Bush and Monique (TMZ/Instagram)

*NFL tailback Reggie Bush has run himself smack dab into the middle of a paternity situation with his alleged sidechick.

According to TMZ, a woman in Florida claims the married father of two is also the father of her unborn baby.

Monique, a nightclub waitress who lives in Miami, reportedly contacted the Buffalo Bills player and the two discussed terminating her pregnancy in return for a large payment. But according to TMZ, “the discussions went nowhere.”

Now six months pregnant, Monique reportedly hired Florida attorney Marwan Porter to assist her in locking down child support:

Via TMZ:

We’re told there has NOT been a DNA test, but Reggie will own up to his obligations if the tests show he’s the father.

As for Reggie, there appeared to be issues back in August, around the time Monique first contacted him, because he left Buffalo Bills training camp to fly to California to work things out with his wife, Lilit, with whom he has 2 kids.

A rep for Reggie tells TMZ, “He’s aware of the rumors and remains happily married.”