*You’ve no doubt heard it a gazillion times: “things happen for a reason.” And we have no reason to assume that’s not the case here

What happened was … an Arizona grandmother made good on her vow to feed a teenager – a complete stranger – she mistakenly invited to Thanksgiving dinner.

The teen, Jamal Hinton, and Wanda Dench had never met, but a rogue text message brought them together last week when Dench accidentally messaged who she thought was her 21-year-old grandson.

The text somehow ended up on Hinton’s phone and he jokingly asked if he could still stop by for dinner. Dench said yes.

“Grandmas feed all. That’s what we do,” Dench replied in what became a viral sensation as Hinton shared screenshots of their conversation.


Phoenix teen Jamal Hinton sits next to Wanda Dench at her Mesa home for a Thanksgiving meal. (photo: Arizona Central)

Hinton showed up to Grandma Dench’s place in Mesa, Arizona and feasted among strangers, er, new friends in Dench’s backyard with two turkeys on the table, according to the Arizona Republic.

He then feasted among strangers in the backyard with two turkeys on the table.

“I’m thankful for all the nice people in the world,” Dence told the Republic.

And despite never having met, Hinton said, “She welcomed me into her house so that shows how great of a person she is.”

The pair sat next to each other and took a selfie, which of course ended up on Hinton’s Twitter.

“So this just happened,” he wrote.