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Samuel J Vance III

*In the late 1960s as the tide against the Vietnam War, Voting Rights Suppression, Environmental Pollution ect surged forward, the Conservatives came up with a new strategy – if you can’t beat em, discredit em. It was and is an extremely simple solution to a major ethics problem. If you can’t dispute the message, dispute the messenger.

As the decades moved on, a Right Wing Media of AM Talk Show Host like Rush Limbaugh & Laura Ingraham, Newspapers and Magazines like the Washington Times & The Weekly Standard, Websites like Breitbart & Drudge Report and of course the Ubiquitous Fox Cable evolved. All have been continual Liberal Media Ghost Whisperers. Therefore it should come as no surprise that Trump has followed this formula in lock step fashion.

Every amateurish buzz that is swatted by Hilary, ( the ultimate,consummate, professional) and then duly covered in the news always winds up being dumped at the doorstep of the Liberal Media. The Liberal Media however has not delivered on that identity.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane, shall we? This Mythical Media is so Liberal that they dogged Kennedy about Chappaquiddick until he was too old to have a shot at the White House. This Mythical Media is so Liberal that they united around Reagan and the troops when the 241 Marines were truck bombed in Lebanon in October of 1983 – the polar Opposite of Benghazi. This Mythical Media is so Liberal that they breathlessly read off one Wikileaks anti Hilary E-Mail after another. This Mythical Media is so Liberal that they now follow the mismanaged FBI, Weiner Investigation as if Sec Clinton and Weiner are Siamese Twins.

This is especially distressing in light of the fact that if they utilized the same Editorial Algorithms that Corporate America uses to sift through resumes they could have sorted the E-Mails in a relatively short amount of time. This Mythical Media is so Liberal that they don’t mention the words Climate Change when they report on weather conditions that 90% plus of the world’s Scientists say are caused by Climate Change. This Mythical Media is so Liberal that 2 Decades after the beating of Rodney King they were still reporting the Police killings of Citizens without questioning any details even when dozens of Citizen witnesses  disputed the Officer with the smoking gun. It took the total Democratization of Smart Phones to change this behavior. This Mythical Media is so Liberal that in most cases they have little or nothing to say about the Nude Pictures of Melania Trump.

At this juncture I should point out that the goal is not to encourage personal attacks against the wives of public people or against public people themselves for that matter. Airing their dirty laundry has far, far less value for our Democracy than airing where they stand on the issues.

Anyway, it turns out that she posed Nude on a Bear skin rug for the January 2000 edition of the British GQ magazine. There a bejeweled Melania looks into the camera next to a heading that says ” Naked Super Model Special. ” According to the Daily Mail ( one of the largest publications in the U.K. ) the picture was taken aboard Trump’s private jet.

So let’s take a step back at this point of our examples of the Mythical Media that is supposed to be so Liberal. Let us suppose for a moment that I had relayed the exact same information about Michelle Obama. Can you even begin to imagine no mention of that in any aspect of our Media. Think about it for a minute. The year is 2008. The campaign between Hilary and Barack is heating up like a Las Vegas day and someone comes across pictures of Michelle Obama totally Naked for the viewing pleasure of millions. Mythical Media of the supposedly Liberal persuasion like MSNBC, CNN, PBS, NBC, ABC, CBS and of course the not so Liberal FOX would be airing those pictures in rotation. Morning, noon and night you would see images of Michelle Obama, her Breast pressed against the bear rug, her Buttocks bared for all to see and a parade of outraged Conservatives decrying the evil influences of Chicago values. However in 2016  none of those beings seem to exist. They seem to have exited the Matrix. Newt Gingrich, Sarah Palin, Chris Christy et al are seemingly vision impaired Surrogates who somehow have missed this whole part of the Trump misadventure. I guess they’re too busy helping to make America great again { AS IF OUR NATION ISN’T ALREADY THE GREATEST } . . .

Samuel J Vance III
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About the Author : Samuel J Vance III has done Political Analysis and Commentary that has been published in Otherwords, The Sacramento Bee, and a host of other outlets going back to the early 1990s. After a long hiatus as the Sole – Soul caregiver of a family member Samuel is back in the saddle of his passion, once again proving that the pen is mightier than the sword.