Shirley Caesar

Shirley Caesar

*Shirley Caesar is speaking out again about the #UNameItChallenge that remixed a portion of her gospel song “Hold My Mule” to inspire dance routines in anticipation of Thanksgiving dinner.

The gospel great is still overwhelmed by the entire thing, as she said earlier this week when she called into the Willie Moore Show.

But in a new video posted on TMZ, Caesar made it clear that she does not appreciate some of the dances that include “gyrations” and “twerking.”

“Especially the women,” she said. “I just want everybody to know, I’m a gospel singer, I’m a born-again believe, I’m a pastor and I don’t ever want anything, not anything, to bring a reflection on what I stand for.”

She then broke out in her riff that started all this craziness.

Watch below: