blackish to address trump

*President-elect Donald Trump seems to be on a mission to turn the White House into the Fourth Reich, and many players in the entertainment industry believe that Trump’s forthcoming dictatorship and New World Order will not go unnoticed by many popular sitcoms.

“In a TV landscape with more than 500 shows, most are unlikely to explore [Donald J.] Trump-inspired political themes, simply because it wouldn’t be a good fit,” Sandra Gonzalez reported Thursday for CNN. “But a few comedies will undoubtedly portray life in America with a President Trump.

Kenya Barris, creator of “black-ish,” told CNN he’s still working through his own feelings and emotions about the election results. He was a supporter of Hillary Clinton, but notes that writing scripts that address the aftermath of the election has been “cathartic.”

”This will probably be the first time that something has affected us to the point where I want to actually topically write about it,” he said of the election episode.

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Gonzalez also wrote, “Constance Wu, star of ABC’s “Fresh Off the Boat,” also thinks the post-election landscape will also shine a new light on existing TV shows.

”I think my show is quite relevant because it takes place in the ’90s and that was a time before an outsider could find a group of similarly minded people because there was no internet,” she told CNN recently at the Glamour Women of the Year Awards. “I think right now when our country feels very divided, it’s that same struggle. It’s trying to understand the people around you in order to be more loving and inclusive.”

She noted how “Fresh Off the Boat” is also a story about how “Immigrants make our country better.”