Like a lot of successful people, Steve Harvey has had his share of haters. Oops, excuse us. We meant, the funnyman HAS his share of haters. And the latest one to come to light is trying to get $5 million out of him via a lawsuit for some allegedly racist comments he made on tape.

According to Radar Online, one of Harvey’s former employees, Joseph Cooper, says he has video tape footage of the talk show host going off in a racist tirade about white people, allegedly spewing comments like, “spit on white people,” and “go assault old white women!”

Harvey, of course doesn’t waste time dealing with folks who are trying to get the best of him. Just ask his ex-wife, Mary Harvey. In any event, the man with 10 jobs 🙂 quickly responded to Cooper’s claims with a lawsuit of his own against Cooper. Harvey’s docs claim Cooper is trying to extort him by selling old videos of his comedy routines that date more than 20 years back.

“Mr. Cooper has initiated a campaign to essentially extort me and embarrass me as I start to build my entertainment career,” the TV/radio host said in court documents.


Steve Harvey

It’s also being reported that Joseph has been trying to auction off the tapes to Harvey’s employers whenever he is hired to “inform them of potentially embarrassing material and or tapes and attempt to have them influence Harvey to pay for the tapes.”

Apparently Joseph’s beef with Harvey is personal. In an interview with Radar Online, he calls the television personality “the worst person that’s ever been on television.”

In court documents obtained from a deposition, Harvey admitted that the tapes contain material that’s “a lot edgier” than the family-oriented jokes he now uses. And what was his thinking back then?

“I didn’t have to concern myself with branding or imaging or anything. You could just say — I thought I was funnier.”

But the question is will his fans be laughing when they hear he called his white roommates “honkies,” according to Cooper?